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MUSICIAN - Sep 1992

ADAM CLAYTON plays Fender Precision basses and uses a Moog Taurus Mark I pedal MIDI'd to an E-Max Plus sampler. His switching system is a Bradshaw Rocktron. What are Adam's effects? Well, he puts on a sophisticated accent...  Oh, effects! Boss Chorus Ensemble and OD-S1 distortion pedals, and Ibanez UE400 multi-FX, an Ibanez DM1000 digital delay, a 120-X and a Drawmer DS201 noise gate. All this is transmitted by a Sony wireless. His tuners are Kork DT-1 and a Boss YU-12. Adam's preamps are two Alembic F28's and an Ampeg SVT II-P; he has BSS FDS-360 Crossovers. The power amps: two C-Audio SR707s, two C-Audio RA 3000s and a C-Audio RA2000. All of this majesty comes out of a pair of JBL spears -- 4755A and 4745A. The bass is miked with Sennheisr M421s anbd a Countryman direct box.
LARRY MULLEN's drums are all by Yamaha, except for his snare, which is made by Brady, an Australian company. It's a small snare (12") which he discovered while recording Achtung Baby and which is, according to drum tech Sam O' Sullivan, "The sound of the new stuff". Cymbals are Paiste Signature Series and his sticks are Pro-Mark 5A's. He plays Latin Percussion congas on the acoustic songs, hits a Latin Percussion cow bell and carries two Rhythm Tech tambourines. Here's how the drums are miked: The kick with a Beyer M88m tghe snare with a Shure SM27 on the bottom and a B&K 4006 on top. The hi-hats's got a B&K 406, the overhead cymbals a B&K 4011; the rack and floor toms are hung with M421's
U2's vocal mikes are Shure SM58s and Beta 58s.Their wireless system uses Samson and Vega Mikes with Shure capsules. Larry's wireless headset mike is a Sennheauiser M420 (same as Bono on 'Bullet The Blue Sky').
Bono's guitars are a Gibson ES-175 and a Hummingbird acoustic. He uses a Vox AC30 amp and a Sony wireless with Bradshaw's Rocktron switching system. He uses Rotosound strings and blows a Hohner harmonica.
We listed EDGE's guitar gear in issue #161 (listed below - from issue #161):

"The pile of guitars at the U2 rehearsal hall contained four mainstays: a white '73 Les Paul Custom, a '76 Rickenbacker 12-string, an '89 Fender Clapton Strat with Lace Sensor pickups and a '68 Strat with a Gotoh vibrato. Edge also has an SG doubleneck and a Washburn electra-acoustic with a Photon MIDI pickup, and assorted vintage guitars. His Bradshaw switching system controls a complex series of effects amplified by four Vox AC30s and two Randall combos: an AMS digital delay, two Yamaha SPX90s, two SPX1000s and a GP50, two t.c. electronics 2290s, an Eventide H3000, two Korg A3 processors, an Infinite Sustain box, the Photon MIDI converter and two Roland SDD3000 delays; Edge's wireless is a Sony UHF WRR37. On the floor, there's a MOSFET preamp, SD-1, Turbo Overdrive and graphic EQ pedals, MXR compressors and some t.c. preamps and EQs. On the sidelines are a CryBaby wah, a DigiTech Whammy Pedal, some chrome slides and an E-Bow. Edge's tech Dallas Schoo strings the guitars with nickel-composite Rotosounds, .011 through .048s."

He's still playing a Les Paul Custom, a Rickenbacker 12-string and two Strats. Edge's Vox and Randall amps are miked with Shure SM57's.

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